Heart of Gold


Bible Reading: Gen 1:1-31, Zech 4:10

When you look around, you cannot hide your feelings about the beauty of nature. Looking up you will see well set firmament with stars and sun; while hilarious glamour of nature with fresh breeze and beautiful gift of nature as well as tantalizing human inventions further add to the beauty.
But in the beginning it was not like this. In Genesis 1:2 –“the earth was without form and void and darkness was upon the face of the deep”. The Almighty God, who understands the mystery of starting a mighty work in a small way, looked away from the hopeless state of the earth and gradually re-shapened it according to His master plan.

God asked a question in Zechariah 4:10 “For who hath despised the day of small thing?”. This is the question God is asking you today. Do you despise the day of small beginning? That small project, business, opportunities or relationship, how do you handle it? There are three categories of people on earth:
(a) People that despise courageous men and women that start in a small way.
(b) People that despise their small beginning.
(c) People that never despise their small beginning.

Which category do you belong to? Where there is no beginning, there can never be any future.
As you are going about your work today mark the following words in your spirit man:

1. God always starts His mighty work in a small way.
2. A man that will remove a mountain will start by carrying a small stone.
3. Finally, that gift, talent and potentials in you, that you despite, is what God needs for your breakthrough.

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