Light Bearers Bulletin (April 2009 Edition)


A.W Toner says “The obligation of the Church is to spread the gospel to the uttermost part of the earth but more importantly her obligation is to be spiritually worthy to spread it. The world is always looking to the Church, not so much to hear her teachings but so much to see her doings”.

D.L Moody says, “Out of 100 unsaved men, one will read the Bible, 99 will read the Christians”.

Manama Ghandi was a great man in India, at a point in time, he studied the life of Jesus in the Bible and was greatly touched by His life, but when he looked at the lifestyle of those who profess to be Christians around him, he was discouraged and failed to give his life to Jesus. Here is his quote: “I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians, your Christians are so unlike Christ”.

Hans Urs Von Balthasar says “What you are is God’s gift to you. What you become is your gift to God”. This is taken from his book on sound Christian living.

John Wesley says “Give me 100 preachers who fear nothing but sin and desire nothing but God. Such preachers will shake the gates of hell”.

Charles Grandison Finney says, “A state of mind that sees God in everything is evidence of growth in grace”.



When James M. Black was a Sunday School teacher, he met a girl, Bassie, 14 years of age, poorly clothed and the child of a drunkard. It was evident that she did not enjoy the nice things of life that many teenagers enjoyed. James Black was moved to invite her to attend Sunday School. He thought it would be a great blessing and help to her and she might become a Christian.

That evening at a youth meeting when each member answered the roll call by repeating a scripture text, the girl was not there. The situation brought the thought to Black’s mind that it would be a very sad thing if our names are called in heaven and we are absent. The thought, although not biblically sound, brought this prayer to the lips of James Black: “Oh God, when my name is called up yonder may I be there to respond”.

He closed the meeting that night and while on the way home, was still wishing there might be a song that could be sung on such an occasion. All of a sudden, the thought came “Why don’t you write such a song”. On getting home, all of a sudden, the first stanza came in full. He then went to the piano and played the music just as you will find it in the hymnal today. 


The Executive Committee of the Prophetic Healing and Missionary Movement which is an evangelistic arm of World Life Bible Church wishes to say thank you to Jesus Christ, the initiator of this mandate and the power behind the mission.

We also want to appreciate all those that our Lord Jesus Christ has touched their hearts to work as volunteer field Evangelists, Intercessory group leaders and Financial partners.

As we have started this new quarter with the sole aim of winning many souls to Christ in villages, cities and towns in Nigeria and beyond, we would like you to meditate on the last stanza in James M. Black’s hymn:

When the roll is called up Yonder.

Let us labour for master from morning till setting sun.

Let us talk of His wondrous love and care;

Then when all of life is over and our work on earth is done;

And this roll is called up yonder, I II be there.



Have you been looking for a Christian group that has passion for soul winning? I would like to tell you that your hour of searching is over. You can call this line: 08186076672 to make enquiry on how to join Prophetic Healing and Missionary Movement.

Prophetic Healing and Missionary Movement is an evangelistic arm of World Life Bible Church that focuses on soul winning in cities, towns and unreached villages.

There is an urgent need for the following group of people from different parts of the world to support the mission:

  1. The going out group– The volunteer Christians that can go with us to the field.
  2. The intercessory group– Christians that can stand on the gap for our outreaches.
  3. The financial Partner-Christians from all over the world that have passions for soul winning.

The Report of the Open-air Crusade in Jojo village

On the 26th of April 2019, Prophet Toyin Oluwibe together with the team of Evangelist of the Prophetic Healing and Evangelistic Missionary Movement moved to an interior village of Jojo in Akure. The crusade started by 7:10pm in the night. The villagers at the initial stage did not want to come out to the crusade ground due to the exploitation of the villagers by some Evangelists that earlier organized crusades in the village. Base on the information given to us by Mr. Anthony, a wonderful Christian brother in the village, Prophet Toyin came out to make announcement to the villagers about different villages he has gone to and how Jesus delivered people without collecting any money. As soon as he finished with the announcement, the villagers began to troop into the crusade ground in large numbers.

Prophet Toyin Oluwibe delivered a sermon titled “When a man sleeps”. After the ministration he made the altar call and many of the villagers surrendered their lives to Jesus.

On getting to the building provided by the villagers as the place of our accommodation for the night, the information reached us that the people from the second village(Bolorunduro) wanted the venue of the crusade to be shifted to the border between the two village so that they can also come to the crusade the second day. We knew this was the work of the Holy spirit because our focus for the month from outset was actually on JoJo village.

The Second Day

There was a rainfall and due to this, we had to move the venue of the crusade to the only Church in the village. The Church was filled to capacity with the villagers praying with all their power. Prophet Toyin ministered on “The mighty hand of God is here tonight”. After the ministration, he called out some prayer points and asked those that are sick to come out. These are few testimonies we will cover in this report:

Mrs Augustine: She was passing through extreme pains on the knee cap. When she came out Prophet Toyin asked her to sing and dance while the drummer beat the drum. After sometimes he asked the drummer to stop and asked her to check her knee cap if the pain was still there. To her greatest surprise, the pain was no more there.

Favour John: A 9-year old girl that was dumb from birth. The mother told Prophet Toyin Oluwibe that the girl could not speak. In the presence of the villagers he laid his hand on favour’s head and commanded dumb spirit to come out of her. He later put the microphone before her mouth and asked her to call Jesus. At the initial stage she was afraid to speak. At this point, there was a great silence in the Church as the villagers watched to see what would happen afterwards; this is because they all knew the girl. Prophet told her again to say Jesus and to the glory of God, she said Jesus for the first time in her life. At this point, the mother could not control her emotions, so she fell down on her knees and was shouting Halleluyah while there was a wild jubilation among the villagers.

There are other testimonies from Desola, Mrs Anthony, Mrs John, Mrs Afah, Mrs Gabriel, Bose and Agness.

We give glory to Jesus, the great Healer and Deliverer for pulling down the stronghold of darkness in Jojo and Bolorunduro village.

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