Light Bearers Bulletin (November 2020 Edition)


Hebrew chapter eleven reveals to us the action of faith carried out by some saints in the Bible. They didn’t just tell everyone that they were believers; they expressed their faith through unwavering commitment which reflected in the ability to act on the words of God. Hebrew eleven verse two further reveals to us that these elders obtained good reports.

It is sad that most Christians are not acting on the words of God again. We are only moved by what we see, feel or touch. Our mantra in the 21st century church is “Seeing is believing”. We need to return to the original definition of faith in the Bible as analyzed in Hebrew chapter eleven verse one, which says “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen”.

The faith of our fathers in the Bible days according to Hebrew chapter 11 verse 33-34, subdued kingdoms, wrought righteousness, obtained promises, stopped the mouth of lions, quenched the violence of fire, escaped the edge of sword, waxed valiantly in battles and turned to fight the armies of aliens.

The operational force of this power of faith has not changed. All we have to do, is to return to the faith of our fathers as analyzed in Hebrew chapter 11.


Hebrew 11:35 – Women received their dead raised to life again…

Having discussed the faith of our fathers in Bible days, I think we need to talk about the faith of our Christian fathers in this contemporary time.

I would like to tell you the story of one of my friends in the work of ministry and his great encounter with the supernatural power of God through the ministry of late Prophet Babajide.

He came back home one day and saw his wife’s dead body. All his attempt to resuscitate her proved futile. He looked for a cab and instructed the driver to take him to late Prophet Babajide’s house in Ilesa.

He got there at night. Unfortunately for him the Pastor that came out to check the wife’s condition told him that it is impossible to wake the old man (Prophet Babajide) at that hour of the day.

He refused to move the dead body of his wife from the gate. The Pastor later on, allowed him to enter into the compound. He called on some students in the school of Prophet and they prayed for hours without any visible result. The prayer warriors left and my friend still stayed in the compound with the lifeless body of his wife.

Suddenly, he heard Prophet Babajide calling him to bring his wife. The old Prophet began to sing unto the Lord. He sang much longer to the extent that my friend became uncomfortable. He wanted him to lay his hand on her and pray, not to sit down and sing! Prophet Babajide told him that the spirit of his wife was standing by the gate but the gate was not opened for her because it is not yet time for her to die.

He finally issued out a strong authority as a man who knew the God he served. He said “Daughter come back”. Within a second, the wife jumped up and stood on her feet.

My friend was greatly amazed by the manifestation of great power of God through Prophet Babajide. The wife is still alive today! Glory to God.

How long shall we continue with modern day faith of “seeing is believing”? How long should we continue to practise faith attached to objects such as water, broom, candle, coconut and oil? When shall we return to the faith of the Bible? I ask again, when shall we return to the faith of our fathers?


On the 7th of November, Prophetic Healing and Missionary Movement organized a one-day revival in Leadway Apostolic Church, at Ilaje Otumara in Lagos.

There was a large turn-out of Christians from various denominations. There are some people in the crowd who put on white garments. By the time Prophet Toyin Oluwibe came out for ministration there was overflow, as some people could not find a space in the auditorium.

Prophet Toyin Oluwibe asked all those that were sick to come out and while they were standing, he focused on the congregation and explained to them the source of sicknesses and diseases. He told them that whatever that happens in the natural comes from the spirit. That once the source of sicknesses and diseases which is spiritual is uprooted through the name of Jesus, the symptoms disappear.

He asked one of those that came out about her sickness. The woman said she has been suffering from stomach ache for many years.

Prophet Toyin Oluwibe began to quote the scriptures and commanded the spirit to come out of her. He asked the woman to check herself and she said there was no pain in her stomach again. There was a shout of victory in the auditorium.

He asked the second woman to move closer. The woman said for some years, she experienced pains in her right foot. Prophet Toyin told the congregation that something would happen as he began to pray  for her. He told another two women to get ready because the healing power would liberate them as he prayed for the first woman.

After the prayer, the first woman was healed by Jesus, the second woman said she felt that something rushed out of her and her stomach pain disappeared and the third woman said she experienced great relief from her chest pain.


Shortly after the supernatural move of God, Prophet Toyin ministered on the topic “Are you a lukewarm Christian?”. He told the people of Ilaje Otumara that God wanted to wake up the sleeping Lions in them.

In his ministration he said lukewarm Christians are standing in a dangerous position. A position where both the mercy and the Grace of God can never reach them. He supported this revelation by asking them to open to Revelation 3:15. Jesus said, He wished that lukewarm Christians are either cold or hot. If they are cold, the hands of mercy can still locate them and if they are hot, grace of God will increase in their lives.

But in a situation where a Christian is neither to the right nor to the left and he is pretending to be what he is not; it will be very difficult for God to reach out to such Christian. After the message, the congregation cried unto the Lord for spiritual restoration.

The Lord blessed everybody as the partners of Prophetic Healing and Missionary Movement packaged free foodstuffs to wonderful people of Ilaje Otumara in Ebute Metta, Lagos.

We thank Jesus, for pulling down the stronghold of darkness in Ilaje Otumara. Glory to His name.

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