Light Bearers Bulletin (November 2021 Edition)


This is an excerpt from Prophet Toyin Oluwibe’s Gospel Drama Book.

As brother Ope was driving home after a personal vigil in the Church by 4:30am in the morning, he saw a man trying to put something that looked like a small pot down at the junction. As he moved his car towards the location, the man quickly dropped the pot and hid himself in the bush beside the road.

Bro Ope came down from his car and saw the Bible that dropped from the man when he was trying to run away. While looking at the Bible, he saw the names “Tope Eniyanlesu”. He could not believe what he saw. He cried out, “This is bro Tope’s Bible”.

Bro Tope Eniyanlesu is the Sunday School and Bible Study teacher in Bro Ope’s Church. A brother that everyone in the Church talks about his spirituality and strong stand in the Lord.

Bro Ope bent down to look at the concoctions inside the pot. He saw some boiled eggs with palmoil all over it. He shook his head and looked towards heaven with the statement ” This is sinking sand! Why should bro Tope move away from the Christ the solid rock?

While returning to his car, Bro Ope saw multitude coming out from a vigil programme in a nearby Church.  He saw all of them with long canes in their hands. He was amazed and asked himself “What has long stripes got to do with revival service. While standing beside his car, he overheard their  discussions. One of them said “The God of Prophet Aiyekoto has never failed me, now that i have beaten my enemy to the point of death in today vigil, money will begin to flow into my hands”.  While bro Ope was still wandering at the ignorance of these men, another man with much bigger stripes was singing in Yoruba language  at the top of his voice with great excitement. “koro bi mo sese, koro bi no se somo, o sa ntoju mi lojonumo (God doesn’t look at my behaviour, He is just taking care of me) Ah! I have finally killed my enemies with this long stripes, God of Prophet Aiyekoto! I thank you o.

Bro Ope shook his head and was about to enter into his car when he observed that one of the people passing by looked like Sis Aiyeniromo, the prayer warrior leader in his Church. He quickly locked the door of the car and called out her name. Sis Aiyeniromo, held tight her stripes and quickly crossed to the next street. Bro Ope followed her but unfortunately, he could not catch up with her.

Bro Ope couldn’t control his emotions, he shouted “No, this is wrong. How could sister Aiyeniromo, who warned us against false practices in the Church just last Sunday engaged in this”

As he was going back to where he parked his car, he saw a lady not far from him spreading salt on the road while quoting from the book of Psalms. Bro Ope said to himself ” What is this again?”   While listening to the Bible quotation, he discovered that the voice is just like the voice of sister Eniyannika, the Choir leader of his Church. Bro Ope said to himself ” No I can’t take this deception again”

He moved toward Sis Eniyanika with the intention of catching up with her, while he was about to hold her hands, sis Eniyanika looked back, the moment she saw bro Tope, she threw away the polythene bag filled with salt and ran away.




This is an excerpt from Prophet Toyin Oluwibe’s book entitled “Raise the dead”

This article is for Christians that want more of God. It is not for those Christians that look at the Church in the 21st Century and rejoice like young men in Jerusalem after the completion of the second temple. This article is for the Christians that look at the spiritual state of the Church and feel sad like the elders that wept after the completion of the second temple in Jerusalem.

While the young men were rejoicing because of the magnificent building lined up with latest architectural design, the elders were weeping because they could not see the real glory that covered the first temple. It was just a building without ark of covenant and Shekina glory of God.

Today, we shall look at some of the manifestations of raw power of God in the 5th century. Let us start with Saint Patrick, a man that was born in Britain by a Romanian family. He was a missionary to Ireland in the 5th century.

He was a great missionary bishop who converted a whole land from paganism, overturning the religion of the druids. He consecrated 350 bishops, erected 700 Churches and ordained 5000 priests in less than 30 years. In all these achievement, he remained a humble servant of the Lord to the end. Here is the letter he wrote to a friend beyond the sea.

” The Lord has given to me though humble, the power of working miracles among barbarians, such as are not recorded to be carried out by the great apostles, in as much as, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, i have raised from dead bodies that have been buried many years, but i beseech you, let no one believe for these or the likes works, i am to be at all equal with the apostles, or with any perfect man, since i am humble and a sinner, and worthy only to be despised.

One day, St Patrick came to a place called Fearta, on the side of the hill two women were buried. Patrick ordered that they should dig the grave and bring the bodies of the two women out. He prayed in the name of Jesus and raised them up.

The moment the two women came back to life, they started to proclaim that their idols are vain and that Christ was the true God. The two women and all those that gathered were baptized.

On another occasion, Patrick came to Dublina, he prophesied how great that small village would someday become. There was a small village nearby where the young son of the king had just died. The sorrow of the king was compounded when he received information that His daughter who had gone to bath in the neighbouring river, had drowned in the stream, her body was finally found resting on the river bed, and was laid out besides that of his brother. Their tombs were prepared according to pagan custom.

Suddenly, the rumour spread that Patrick who had raised many dead in the name of of unknown God had arrived. King Alphimus sent for Patrick and promised that his family and the whole village would be baptized into the new faith, if his two children were restored.

Patrick seeing the opportunity for soul winning of men and women in the village, prayed for the resuscitation of Prince and Princess and to the greatest amazement of the king, his two children were raised up. Shortly after this incidence, there was spiritual resurrection of the whole area from the darkness of paganism and idolatry. They all believed in Jesus as their Lord and saviour.

It is reputedly from the revived Princess Dublina that the present great city of Dublin got its name




On the 11th of November, 2021.  The Evangelistic team of Akure branch in conjunction with the disciples from various assemblies moved to Omi Ata for the second missionary journey.

The first section of the revival started from 9:10pm to 11:30 pm while the second section was from 2:00am to 4:00am.

There was great joy and excitement in the air. All the participants prayed in great anticipation for what God would do in their lives.

Prophet Toyin Oluwibe ministered on “Jesus is the only way to God” He talked about the existence of Jesus from the eternal past according to John1:1 and Micah 5:2. He later on revealed how the word transformed into flesh and dwell among us according John 1:14. He told the audience that Jesus came to die on the cross for the remission of our sins.

He declared to the people that there is no salvation anywhere under heaven except in the name of Jesus. He said Jesus is not just the way, He is the only way to God. He quoted Acts 4:12 and John 3:16 to confirm his statements from the scriptures.

At the end of the message, he made altar call and people gave their lives to Jesus. As usual, Jesus blessed all the participant with both spiritual and physical gifts.

We give glory to God for giving us the courage to reach out to interior villages in this perilous times when men are only concerned about their personal ambitions.

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