Light Bearers Bulletin (October 2020 Edition)


We have searched for you in religious meetings, we saw preachers with great titles, we didn’t see you. We have searched for you in the Church, we saw magnificent and mighty buildings, we didn’t see you. We have searched the pulpits, we saw stage light, we didn’t see you.

We have searched for you in most of the modern days prophesies, we didn’t see you. We have searched for you in most of the teachings in the Church, we didn’t see you.

Where are you? O Lord.

How long will you remain silent?

You know how much we have lied against you saying “Jesus is here”, “God said”, “Jesus is here”.

You know how much we have edited, soften and manipulate your words all in the name of preaching. You know how we play game with you in the Church and secretly reach out for life outside the gospel. Where are You? O Lord! We need you again in this generation.



In any capacity God is using you, don’t think you are more important than others in the body of Christ. Everybody is important! Whatever grace or anointing in your life is not your own. It is given for the work of ministry and for the edification of the body of Christ. A man begins to fall when he begins to see the gift as his own. This will give way for self-glorification and unhealthy competition for recognition and fame.

If there is any man that God used mightily in Africa in performing genuine miracles, apart from Apostle Ayodele Babalola, I will quickly mention the name of a South African man that worked with Reinhard Bonnke in the beginning of his ministry.

This man organized a crusade in a particular region in South Africa. Somebody brought a dead man to the meeting. He asked thousands of people that came to the crusade to line up and confirmed if the man was really dead or not. After they are all convinced that the man is dead, he released the word of authority in the name of Jesus, the man sneezed and rose up.

This man was gifted in miracles, signs and wonders. Bonnke would preach and step down the platform for him to do what he knew best to do. He was a concrete support to Bonkke and Bonnke’s ministry was growing rapidly.



This God’s general began to think of himself as the maker of Reinhard Bonnke. After all he was the one doing the whole thing and Bonnke is taking credit. He told Bonnke’s assistant that the day he leaves Bonnke’s that day will mark the end of his ministry.

One day, he purposely refused to show up in a crusade. Reinhard was frustrated and disappointed but summoned courage to mount the platform, depending on the Holy Spirit. That day God used him mightily to deliver the sick people. That day didn’t mark the end of Bonnke’s ministry; it became the beginning and unfortunately the end of this man of God.

One day, this man of God came to one of Reinhard Bonnke’s programme and saw multitudes like river. When he met Bonnke, he began to say ” I missed it, I missed it and left the venue. That was the last time they met. He died shortly after that.

Beware of pride! Today everyone knows Bonnke but nobody knows this great man of God.


Revival Program at the Presbyterian Church of Nigeria, Makoko Parish.

After many months of lockdown due to COVID-19 Pandemic, Prophetic Healing and Missionary Movement finally organized another indoor revival programme on the 3rd of October in Presbyterian Church auditorium in Makoko, Lagos.

The theme of the revival and healing programme is “Wake up from your slumber” The great wonder about this meeting was the large crowd that turned up for the meeting. This contradicted the news we received from internal source that there was a general spiritual apathy towards revival in Makoko.

Prophet Toyin told the people of Makoko that in most cases, except if a man is suffering from insomnia, it is much easier to sleep than to wake up and for a man to wake up from deep sleep, he needs help. He said God organized the revival meeting in order to wake up many Christian’s that are sleeping in Makoko. He emphasized and build on these two things that happen when a Christian sleep. Number one, when a man sleeps, he loses consciousness of time and purpose and secondly, when a man sleeps, every movement stops except in few cases of sleepwalking.  Wonderful people of Makoko cried to the Lord in prayer after the sermon. As usual Prophet Toyin prayed for the sick and the afflicted.

The meeting ended with great blessings from Jesus as people of Makoko received free foodstuffs packaged by the partners of Prophetic Healing and Missionary Movement.

We give glory to our Lord Jesus Christ for His spiritual and natural provision to wonderful people of Makoko.

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