Heart of Gold


Bible Reading: Genesis 5:1-32, Psalm 90:12

Barak Obama former American President once said, “focusing your life solely on making buck shows a certain poverty of ambition”. I have seen people that spend all their lives making money through any means available to them. They don’t care whether people around them are affected or not. All what they want is to grow in wealth. Albert Einstein says “try not to become a man of success but rather try to become a man of value”.

The past cannot be changed; the future is yet in your power. So, go ahead and impart lives.

A man of value invests his life in imparting lives of people around him. He has unquenchable passion to touch people in a special way. What we don’t know is that success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it. The mystery of becoming relevant in every generation is simply in spending your life to discover a need in the lives of people and filling it. In Genesis Chapter 5 from verse one to the end; the scripture reveals to us the genealogy of Abraham. The oldest man in the family was Methuselah who died at the age of nine hundred and sixty-nine years. Apart from giving birth to children, there was no particular record about his impact in his generation, unlike Enoch who had a clean record of walking with God.

How will you be remembered by the next generation? Will you be remembered as a man that lived long life without touching his generation in special way? Or a man that mortgaged his people and nation.

Psalm 90:12 says “So teach us to number our days, that we may apply (our) hearts unto wisdom”. Each passing day, you are moving closer to your grave, so do something the generations to come will remember you for.


  • Olabode Ojajuni

    Thank you for the Great word of wisdom! As for me and my household, we have chosen to always live an impactable life. May God help us all IJMN.

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