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No Time To Quit

No Time To Quit

Bible Reading: Gen 2:1-25, Phil 1:6

Many people talk about Wright brothers as the first genius that built and flew experimental aircraft. May I tell you categorically that they were not. A man called Samuel Langsley built and flew the first experimental aircraft. In his statement, he said the first experiment aircraft plunged into the river like a hand full of mortal. He picked up courage and attempted it the second time but this time around the craft broke up as it left the catapult. Newspaper made great sport of the failure and some members criticized the project; out of great disappointment, he quitted the project and some months after the Wright brothers flew the first successful aircraft that landed safely.

What about John Pemberton? A man who was the original formula content of Coca-cola, he made some attempt to convince Americans about his new brand of product. He finally quitted the project and sold the patent right to Asa Candle in 1857 who re-branded the project and today Coca-cola is all over the world.

Gen 2:1 – “Thus the heavens and the earth were finished and all the host of them”.

Our God is not a quitter; whatever He starts he will complete.  He is not a God of carry-over. Bible made us to understand in Gen chapters 1 and 2 that He started strong and finished strong. He has extended the same grace to us as His children. Phil 1:6 says having confidence of this very thing that He which has begun a good work will perfect it until the day of Jesus Christ.

That project you are to quit is not your project. It is God’s project. God that has begun the project through you will see you through. Take note of the following tips for today:

  • You are never a failure until you quit trying
  • Anyone can give up; it is the easiest thing to do in the world but as Christians learn to hold on; It is a true mark of courage and strength.
  • When you are confronted with great obstacles, don’t change your decisions you may change your direction.

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