Prophetic Healing and Missionary Movement

World Life Bible Church Prophetic healing and Missionary Movement is an evangelistic arm of WLBC that focuses on soul winning in cities, towns and unreached villages.

This vision was born out of constant urge from the Holy Spirit for the urgent need to reach out to unsaved souls in cities, towns and unreached villages in Nigeria.

The mission is to preach the undiluted word of God to them and call them out from darkness to the glorious light of the gospel and establish fellowship centers in those cities where they will be nurtured up with the word of God.

The first phase of the assignment according to the revelation from God is to cover cities, towns and unreached villages in South West of Nigeria for God next year.

This is a big task from the Lord that demands more resources and Christians that have passion for soul winning. There is urgent need for the following group of people from different part of the world to support the mission:

  1. The going out group-These are volunteer Christians that can go with us to the field.
  2. The intercessory group– Christians that can stand on the gap for our outreaches.
  3. The financial partner-Christians from all over the World that have passion for soul winning but cannot go to the field.

There will be a monthly magazine designed for reports and updates on the mission field which is called ‘The Light Bearer’ which will give our partners information about the mission work.

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