Heart of Gold


BIBLE READING: Gen. 12: 1- 20, 2Chron. 20:17

When we look through the history, we will discover that no true Christian can claim to win battle of life without the assistance of Jesus. After the death and resurrection of Jesus, a firebrand Pharisee decided in his heart to wipe out anything called Christianity. Many Christians were tortured, brutalized and put into prison. No Christian could stand before Saul and his mission. But Jesus stopped him and turned him into a great soul winner. Some years after, this scene of persecution was shifted to Rome.

Roman emperor such as Nero (54- 68AD), Domitian (81- 96AD), Trajan (98- 117AD), Hadrian (117- 138AD), Maximus (235- 237AD) consistently brutalized Christians and killed them mercilessly until Jesus intervened again by making Emperor Constantine to see the sign of the cross in the sky with the statement “with this you will overcome”. This changed his orientation about Christianity. He signed the Edict of Milan which gave every citizen the right to choose their own religion, at the same time, all properties confiscated during the persecution of the Christians in the Old Roman Empire were returned to the believers.



In Genesis 12:15, God used His sovereign power to deliver Abram out of a serious problem. The most powerful man in Egypt had taken his wife. He had no power to fight back, he was completely helpless! God intervened in the battle by afflicting pharaoh and his house with great sickness. The king and all the members of the royal family did not have peace and this hasten the release of Sarai. In 2Chronicle 20:17 God said “you shall not need to fight in this battle. Set yourself, stand you still and see the salvation of the Lord with you

A believer does not fight for victory, he celebrates a victory that Christ has already won on the cross of Calvary.

Today, many Christians have devised different methods of fighting in the flesh with some prayer points that are alien to the scripture. Imagine a Christian that never wins a single soul for Christ all the year  round  praying to God to speedily kill more sinners which he tagged as enemies. Even if those sinners are really your stubborn enemies, you don’t need to fight for yourself.  Bible says “the battle is the Lord’s”, learn from history and be a wise Christian.

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  • Festus

    “Vengeance is mine and recompense”.
    May the Lord increase us in the knowledge of His word granting us better understanding.

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