Heart of Gold


BIBLE READING: Gen. 14: 1-24, 2Chronicles 20:15

In 430A.D,  Germanus, the Bishop of Auxeere led Briton soldiers in a battle that took place in a valley closely shut in by mountains. The enemies appeared fully armed with all the equipment of war but Germanus gave instruction to all the Briton soldiers to put the weapons of war down that the battle belongs to the King of kings. He showed them his battle strategy; all the soldiers should repeat the word Halleluyah as they advanced towards the enemies. As they advanced towards the enemies’ line repeating the word Halleluyah after Germanus, the hostile army fled in confusion, leaving abundance of spoil.

It is God that determines who wins in the battle of life. Any king or leader that understands this mystery will always win their battle with great ease. Anytime a Christian decides to fight his battle without involving the King of Kings, is either he loses the battle or wins at a serious loss.

The king of Sodom and, Gomorrah, Admai, Zeboim, and Bola thought by coming together to form allied forces, they could break free from the bondage of king Chedoriaomer. But all this didn’t work, they were defeated! Until Abraham, a man that has deep relationship with the King of kings went after Chedoriaomer with just few trained soldiers and won the battle. Learn how to hand over the battle of your life to the King of kings and you will be surprised at the distance you will cover in life within a short period of time.

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