The Light bearers Bulletin (January 2019 Edition)


In a disastrous church fire, a beautiful painting of Christ was endangered. Two men went in and rescued it. People came and watched the fire, but stayed long after to look at the painting.

The Church leaders were amazed because people had never before been interested in the painting, which had hung for years in the church. Finally one man explained,

“When the Church caught fire and moved Christ into the street where people could see him, then would the people be interested”

The Church has lost the Evangelistic aggression. We have become saints with dry hearts and dry eyes. We have piety without pity. Our preaching is slack, tearless, passionless and souless.

We have consequently gone into critical period in the spiritual calendar of heaven. God is consequently surveying and putting Churches in balances and our generation on divine scale. Our eternal destiny is being decided. Every believer is under the spiritual auditing by heaven, either for “retirement” or “refirement’.

You will not be enlisted for “retirement” but for heavenly “refirement”. You need to join this Chariot of end-time evangelism.



World Life Bible Church Prophetic healing and Missionary Movement is an evangelistic arm of WLBC that focuses on soul winning in cities, towns and unreached villages.

This vision was born out of constant urge from the Holy Spirit for the urgent need to reach out to unsaved souls in cities, towns and unreached villages in Nigeria.

The mission is to preach the undiluted word of God to them and call them out from darkness to the glorious light of the gospel and establish fellowship centers in those cities where they will be nurtured up with the word of God.

The first phase of the assignment according to the revelation from God is to cover cities, towns and unreached villages in South West of Nigeria in this year, 2019.

This is a big task from the Lord that demands more resources and Christians that have passion for soul winning. There is urgent need for the following group of people from different part of the world to support the mission:

  1. The going out group-These are volunteer Christians that can go with us to the field.
  2. The intercessory group– Christians that can stand on the gap for our outreaches.
  3. The financial partner-Christians from all over the World that have passion for soul winning but cannot go to the field.



On the 30th of October 2018.The Senior Pastor of World Life Bible Church, Prophet Oluwibe Akinbiyi Oluwatoyin together with the Evangelistic team of Akure branch moved to a village called Omi Ata around Akure airport.

The cloud of darkness so much covered the village to the extent that the only existing church is a small Catholic Church. The second Pentecostal Church auditorium in the village was covered with grass and was about to collapse. The evil people in the village struck the Pastor of the Church (he had a car accident) while the man that wanted to continue the fellowship died in a mysterious way.

The open-air revival service commenced by 7pm and to the glory of God the villagers came out and listened with rapt attention, to the word of God. Prophet Oluwibe Akinbiyi Oluwatoyin preached extensively on the topic “Will you give your life to Jesus Today”. To the amazement of all the team, all the people that came to revival ground came out when Prophet Toyin made an altar call. Prophet Toyin was also moved by their prompt response to the call of salvation and asked if they really wanted to give their lives to Jesus and they all assured him that they were ready.


Shortly after the message those that God has delivered shared their testimonies:

  1. 1. Mr Abba Johnson: He was so happy that he asked the villagers to sing a praise song in his dialect. He said for 9 years he had been passing through a severe pain as a result of a strange object moving round his head He said at times, the pains would be so intense that his tooth would be removed and as a result he has lost two teeth. He went to the hospital, but they told him they didn’t see the object moving round his head. Out of frustration he began to move from one herbalist to the other. He said with all the money he spent the problem persisted. After the prayer of faith, he felt something like cold water moving down his head and to the glory of God he was delivered.
  2. Mr John Ejebin: He said for the past seven days he has been experiencing pains all over his body but the moment he stepped into the revival ground the pain stopped.
  3. Another woman said for 3 years she has been passing through excruciating pains in her knee cap. She had tried everything to stop the pains but all her efforts were futile. The pains in her knee cap could not allow her to go to farm again. However, to the glory of God after the prayer of faith the pains disappeared and she can now walk freely without pain.
  4. Mr Mathas Attah: He said for some months invisible object has been moving round his body. He came out when the Prophet called on those that are sick to come out and to the glory of God after the prayer of faith he discovered that the invisible object was not moving round his body again.

There are other testimonies from Mrs Micheal Janet, Mrs Sarah Ikwumone and host of others that are not included in this report.

Mark 16:20 says “And they went forth and preached everywhere, the Lord working with them, and confirming the word with signs following” Amen.

We give glory to God for pulling the stronghold of darkness down in Omi Ata and He also confirmed His words with signs following.

Now unto the king eternal, immortal God, invisible God, the only wise God; be the glory, honour, power and adoration forever more. Amen.

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