The Light Bearers Bulletin (March 2019 Edition)


Being a Christian is a lot more than just sitting through a sermon.
Don’t believe for a moment that one’s salvation is predetermined.
It’s not God’s will that any be cast into fiery terror.
Luke 11:27,28, Mathew 11:28,29, 1Tim2:4

Get out of that Church building and off that pew.
The harvest is great, but the labourers are few.
Go out to the streets and spread the word.
To obey is vital and you will never be bored.
Luke 10:2, Acts5:42, Luke11:28.

To be acknowledged before God, is to acknowledge Jesua before men.
That’s God’s way, both now and back then.
As you go about weekly travels and routine.
Hold out the word of life to the young and old.
Mathew 10:32, Philippians 2:16

With every minute multitude of lost people die.
If nothing else read 1Corinthians 6:9-11 to the people.
Point them to Jesus and not the Church steeple
Mathew 10:25,26, John14:6, Acts 4:12

If you’ re ashamed of Jesus or his words, he’ll be ashamed of you.
If you’re Lukewarm, out of Christ’s body you will be spewed
Never be lacking in zeal but keep your spiritual fervour.
Get out there yourself and don’t just be a religious observer.

When you’re zealous for souls you will suffer somehow.
There’s always a price to be paid by those who plow.
With your Bible in your hand and the gracious message of Christ in your mouth.
You have the spiritual potential for fish to land.
2Timothy3:12, Mathew 10:28, Luke9:62, Mathew 13:47-50

Simple obedience to spread the gospel is always a win.
Even if most reject and foolishness remain in their sins.
Christians! You have been entrusted with the good news.
Spread and defend it, is a sure victory and never a loss
John 5:40, Mathew25:14-30, 1John 2:3,4.



Have you been looking for a Christian group that has passion for soul winning? I would like to tell you that your hour of searching is over. You can call this line: 08186076672 to make enquiry on how to join Prophetic Healing and Missionary Movement.

Prophetic Healing and Missionary Movement is an evangelistic arm of World Life Bible Church that focuses on soul winning in cities, towns and unreached villages.

There is an urgent need for the following group of people from different parts of the world to support the mission:

  1. The going out group– The volunteer Christians that can go with us to the field.
  2. The intercessory group– Christians that can stand on the gap for our outreaches.
  3. The financial Partner-Christians from all over the world that have passions for soul winning.


“Many a morning have I stood on the porch of my house, and looking Northward, I have seen the smoke arise from the villages that have never heard of Jesus Christ. I have seen, at different times the smoke of a thousand villages; villages where people are without Christ, without God and without hope in the world…… The smoke of a thousand villages.

Thus spoke the father of Africa Missionary, Robert Moffat. The meeting closed, and out of the door of the hall went a young medical student, David Livingstone: but with him went the words of Moffat- The smoke of a thousand villages whose people have never heard …. The smoke of a thousand village.

He could not sleep that night. The lure of Africa had caught him. The lure of a work worth doing, the biggest work that a young man who strives to follow Christ can attempt, “The smoke of a thousand villages”. Moffat words lingered on his ears- David Livingstone. Some millions of Africa waiting in the shadow- saw the smoke arising from their camp and hearth fires- The smoke of a thousand villages.

He left England and arrived unheralded in Africa. How little did the Committee of the London Missionary Society realized when they accepted this young man as a missionary, that after forty-three years this man would be the prince of the Missionaries; the Pathfinder in the dark continent, he led African people to Christ not minding many years of pains from the wound he sustained due to attack from a Lion in one of those villages. He patiently led the Africans to the light-Light of life.

He finally died and his heart was buried in Africa and his body buried in Westminster Abbey. Today, his tomb in Abbey is visited by more people from the end of the earth than any tomb in that mausoleum of the mighty!



Prophet Toyin Oluwibe together with the Prophetic Healing and Missionary Movement team moved to another village called Ilu ADUA in Ondo State on the 14th to 15th of March,2019. The Pastor of the only surviving Church in the village told us that most of the Pastors that start a Church in the village always go out of the village in tears. Wicked men in the village challenged him that within two years his ministry will also go down but to the glory of God they could not prevail over him.


The open-air crusade took place on the Primary School field in the village. We started the programme by 7:30pm and to the glory of God the villagers came out in large numbers. Prophet Toyin delivered a sermon on “The wages of sin is death” and immediately after the message he asked those Christians that are under the bondage of unconfessed sins to place their hands on their chests and open up their hidden sins to God. Many of the villagers prayed earnestly and re-dedicated their lives to Jesus.

The programme took a new dimension when Prophet Toyin Oluwibe announced that those that are possessed with the spirit of witchcraft should come to Church near the venue of the crusade for their deliverance. There were many evil confessions that we cannot write in this report, but we give glory to God that He stretched forth His hand to deliver again.


The villagers danced with joy and great anticipation of what God would do in their lives. People brought their sick children and relatives to the venue. Prophet Toyin Oluwibe gave expository message on “With God all things are possible”.  After the ministration, he asked those who were sick to come out, they were so many that he asked the ushers to arrange seven people in each line, in order to create space and for ventilation. These are few testimonies we can cover in this report:

1.Mrs  Maria– Had a chronic back ache and had tried so many things to be free from the pain. The power of God touched her and all the pain vanished.

2. Yusuf – He suddenly became blind on one of his eyes when a strange wind entered his eyes while in Primary School more than seventeen (17) years ago. When the power of God touched him, he told Prophet Toyin that he could see white cloud before him. Prophet Toyin Oluwibe placed his hand on the eye again and quote the scriptures for him to see clearly with the affected eye. He later on covered the other eye and asked if he could see with the affected eye and to the glory of God he said he could see the building before him.

There were other wonderful testimonies from Mr Ola, Mrs Yemi, Mrs Margret, Mrs Mercy and  a host of others.

We joined our faith with the early disciples and prayed from the book of Acts 4:30 that God should stretch forth His hand to heal and that signs and wonders may be done by the name of your holy child Jesus.

We thank God for pulling down the strongholds of darkness again in Ilu ADUA, to Him alone be the glory, honour and adoration. Amen.

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