The Mandate


On the 9th of October 2018, Jesus spoke to Prophet Toyin in the hour of prayer to start healing revival. While asking for the scope of evangelistic work, God further spoke to him on 11th of October 2018 to start with South- West region of Nigeria.


Base on this commission from the Lord, Prophet Toyin launched an evangelistic arm of World Life Bible Church during the Church Convention in December 2018. The evangelistic arm is called Prophetic Healing and Missionary Movement. The executive body of the Church also launched an outreach section of a new blog (http://worldlifebiblechurch.org/blog/) which was specifically designed to give up-to-date reports on the evangelistic work in form of an E-Bulletin called The Light Bearers Bulletin.


Prophet Toyin specifically gave instruction that no single offering or donation should be collected from people that came to the crusade ground in all the cities we visited. He strongly believes that what the people need is liberation from their sicknesses and diseases and not exploitation. To the glory of God, since the inauguration of this evangelistic outreach we have covered many cities with the gospel based on genuine salvation and healing of diverse sicknesses and diseases.


On the 16th of July, 2019, Jesus spoke to Prophet Toyin Oluwibe again when he was on his way to Lagos from Akure. The Lord said: “The Church of Church”, the Church sent by the world, the Church sent by Satan, the Church of thieves and liars; this is not my Church. This is your mandate; this is your calling to return my people to my words.


Before this commission, Prophet Toyin Oluwibe due to his passion for undiluted word of God has been used by God to point out some errors in the Church through different medium. Two years ago, he spent some months on NTA Akure to point out some of these errors and direct viewers attention to pure gospel of Christ. Many people were blessed with this programme and as a result they amended their ways. The Power of pure gospel so much moved in Akure that the General Manager of NTA Akure had to tell Prophet Toyin that viewers did not allow him to rest during the working hours.

The Manager had to tell them he was not the Prophet and he would ask for the Prophet’s number to give them.  On the other hand, some people were not comfortable with the messages; they said “He is judgmental, that what we need now is the message that will motivate people“.

Some ministers even hired a lady to set up Prophet Toyin Oluwibe by asking her to call him and demand for prayer on her nipple while they were recording the conversation. Through the wisdom of God, Prophet Toyin directed her to his wife. When his wife called the lady and introduced herself the lady quickly hung up on her. Base on all these experiences, Prophet Toyin Oluwibe focused his attention on the expansion of World Life Bible Church and Evangelistic Outreaches.


By virtue of the direct commission from the Lord to Prophet Toyin Oluwibe to be a Polemic Prophet Teacher to His Church, Prophet Toyin Oluwibe understands the rules of engagement and so he never mentioned names of Pastors, assemblies or attack an individual in his sermons. He simply brings out the errors and goes through the pages of the scriptures to reveal where the Bible stands.

More so, in view of our past experiences before we received the mandate from the Lord, we knew this is going to be a revolutionary act because telling the truth in this age is a revolutionary act. We decided to use our blog to launch another polemic message: “You cannot be a winner without the battles of life”  as a litmus test to weigh the reactions of people to sound teachings of Christ and also to test if we have the spiritual stamina to absorb any attack or criticism that comes with the message before we move to higher level. We know if we want to see the changes we desire in the Church, there will be reactions. We love the critics with the love of Christ and we will continue to pray for them. On our own part, we proclaim like Peter in Act 4:20 “For we cannot but speak the things we have seen and heard“.

Our dear readers, we want you to know that all the articles in the Church blog is the complete package of the mandate given to us by God. We have spent time, energy and resources to make this available to you free of charge in order to reveal to you the purpose and direction of God for the Church in this end-time. God bless you.

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