Heart of Gold


BIBLE READING: Gen. 11: 1-32 2Cor 6: 14-15

There was a notable man in 17th century who had a national sovereignty of intellect (a poet, a dramatist, historian and philosopher) excellent education, great wealth and much earthly honor. He was a born leader and a great orator. With all these great resources at his disposal, he used his books and influences to turn the heart of many of his followers away from God. He boasted that within hundred years of his death, bible will be no longer in use. While his fame was going around the world, he suddenly became sick. After many months on the sick bed, he realized his mistakes and quickly sent for a priest but his followers stopped this move. In great agony, he shouted O Christ! O Lord Jesus! Then turning his face, he cried out again must I die abandoned of God and Men? As his end drew near, his condition became frightful that his nurse repeatedly said “for all the wealth in Europe, I would never see another infidel die”. It was a scene of horror that transcended beyond all imaginations. A few years after his death, his home was converted into a printing house for the Bible.

It is a known fact both in the bible and our contemporary times that every association against God and His word is destined to witness shame and disgrace.

The descendant of Noah, a righteous man had suddenly turned their back on God. They believed by their great knowledge and available resources; they could build a tower whose top will reach heaven but God Himself confounded their language.  In other words, He stopped the project.

Take this as a lesson in the journey of life, not to identify with the course of those that deny God, because it is bound to fail. 2corinth 6:14- 15 says “be ye unequally yoked together with unbelievers; for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness” and what communion hath light with darkness? And what concord hath Christ with Beliah? Or what part hath that believer with an Infidel?

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