Heart of Gold


Bible Reading: Genesis 6:1-22, Matt. 24:12

Despite the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, coupled with free offer of salvation to all mankind, larger percentage of the people in the world have not accepted this free gift of salvation. We have men like Paul the Apostle, Ignatius (Bishop of Antioch), Watchman Nee (Chinese Pastor), Nate Saints, American Missionaries to Auca and host of others that were killed in the process of sharing the good news of salvation in Jesus Christ. Just like the days of Noah, this century is also filled with some men and women with corrupt minds, driven with evil and wild imaginations. People in this century in a bid to erase their belief in Christ, have come up with different philosophies about God.

An Atheist will tell you, there is no God. A moralist will tell you, with moral standard am I not much better than Christians? An Agnostic will tell you, God is an Absentee Landlord who is just sitting down in heaven doing nothing over world affairs. The Relativist formulated a new system of approaching God which they called, “Orita theology” which states that “It doesn’t make any difference what one believes, all religions lead to God”. An Apathetic man will tell you, I don’t really care whether there is God or not. While the Faddist will tell you the god they worship is new custom and fashions in town.

Backsliders get what they deserve; those that hold on receive their rewards too.

Just like the days of Noah, the world is filled with people of wild imaginations. Will you be among the remnants that will hold their salvation to the end? Matt. 24:12 reads: “and because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold”. Don’t compromise your faith, hold on! My prayer for you today is that God’s grace will see you through this journey of faith.

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