Heart of Gold


BIBLE READING: Gen. 10: 1-32, Psalm 14:1

There was a story of one of the crusaders of big bang theory of evolution who came to a particular community to lecture them about how everything in the world was inside one round big bag that looks like a big ball which later on burst and all the things we see around today came out of the big bag one by one. An old woman was in the meeting listening with rapt attention to all the illustration the man was making. During question and answer period, the old woman raised her hand up and this was her question: I will like to know which one came out first, chicken or egg?

The man still basking in the euphoria of his new-found knowledge said eggs. The old woman asked: “sir what about the chicken that laid those eggs”? the man said I am sorry the chicken came out first. The old woman cut in again, what about the mother chicken that gave birth to the chicken. At this point the teacher was confused, he said I think it should be the eggs, then the old woman said who kept those eggs warm before it could get hatched. The people in the meeting hailed the woman and out of lack of evidence the meeting was brought to a close.


Every philosophy propounded by a man outside the scripture will always turn him into a big fool (Psalm 14:1); even Darwin the man behind the theory of evolution admitted that he had no proof at all for his thesis that the evolution of man is from lower animal basically Ape or Monkey. In one of his books, he cautioned his followers by saying this: “But we must not fall into the error of supposing that the early progenitors of the whole simian stock including man, was identical with, or even closely, resembling any existing Ape or Monkey”. What a deception! By this, he systematically said he has no current evidence that would substantiate his theory of evolution of descent of man from Ape or Monkey. It was just mere observation without any proof.

Bible made it clear to us in Genesis 10 the beginning of the present human races after the flood.  We are all the descendants of Noah. The same blood still runs in us regardless of our colour: whether white, black or non- white.

We all know where we stand, most of us show strong opposition to racism in principles but not in practice, deep down in the bottom of our heart we secretly embrace racial inequalities. If you are in this position, God wants you to repent from your sin and show love to everybody: black, white and non- white.

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