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... We teach only what the Bible specifies; we don’t teach our pre-conceived ideas

World Life Bible Church is a community of God’s co-labourers all over the world that have received the mandate to reveal God’s life through the undiluted word of God.

The church is Christ-centered and a Bible-based church. Our Motto is “We teach only what the Bible specifies; we don’t teach our pre-conceived ideas”.

World Life Bible Church is not only a Bible-based and Christ-centered church; it’s also a moral community in which Christ is the principal citizen. It is also an educational community in which Christ is both the supreme teacher and source of all wisdom.

The church was born out of self-revelational encounter between Jesus and the Senior pastor of the church (Prophet Toyin Oluwibe) which culminated into a covenant relationship with Jesus. It was then that the mandate to act as a prophetic teacher of the Bible to the world was given to him. In this mandate, the word of God and the knowledge of Christ is the focal point, and the integrating point of all members’ lives, thoughts, experiences and existence.

The content of education in World Life Bible Church is the Bible. This to us is a natural extension of the covenant relationship between all the members and God. We believe that the content in the Bible is the expression of God’s will for sustenance of this covenant relationship with us. Just as the placing of the tables in the Ark of the Covenant and a copy of the book of law beside the Ark is a vivid indication of the strong relationship between the law and the covenant. In a very practical sense. To disobey the word of God is to break the covenant of God with us in World Life Bible Church.

Our mandate as a church is to rally against national, family and personal sins by opening the eyes of people in our various communities to know the spiritual, psychological and natural effect of sins.

We also enforce Rutherford’s teaching of LEX REX (The Law is king) and not the opposite REX LEX (The king is law). This means the men of God in all assemblies are:

  1. (1) Expected to stop where the Bible stops
  2. (2) Expected to live by example
  3. (3) Expected to live life that is worthy of  emulation by people around them (Hebrew 13:7-8)

We believe that child-centered, community-based and informal education as well as formal education in the society start from home unit.

In World Life Bible Church, we believe that the task of teaching the children is divinely ordained and the solemn responsibility of every parent in the church. We also believe that what we initially taught our children at home will be re-affirmed and re-inforced in our communities.

Our formal education in the church revolves round Christ. He is our master teacher, our example for teaching and education, He sent forth disciples to teach all nations (Mat 28:9-20). The two (2) major aims of our Christian education are:

(1) To transform lives through repentance of sin and faith in Christ.
(2) To bring believers into maturity in Godliness of character and life and to be effective witnesses wherever they are found.

The scope of our Christian education involves all areas of educational programme in the church such as:

  • Sunday School
  • Adult, Youth and Children meeting
  • Weekly Meeting
  • Bible School
  • Camps and Retreat
  • Workers or Leaders Development seminars
  • Family meetings or seminar

Our Motto for Christian education in our Communities is “meet their needs and win their hearts”. We engage in the following Community welfare services, with the final motive of winning them over to Christ.

(1) Giving poor people in the unreached villages foodstuffs
(2) Providing free medical services to people in the village.
(3) Providing free computer training for Children/ Youth in the Community.
(4) Sending poor believers for skill acquisition training.

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The Lord gave the word: great was the company of those that published it. (Ps 68:11)

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