World Life Bible Church is a community of God’s co-labourers all over the world that have received the mandate to reveal God’s life through the undiluted word of God.
The church is Christ-centered and a Bible-based church. Our Motto is “We teach only what the Bible specifies; we don’t teach our pre-conceived ideas”. Read more about us on the mission page of our website (www.worldlifebiblechurch.org).
Recently, we received the divine mandate to take gospel to African Nations and beyond with the theme “Jesus is alive Miracle Revival” for the sole aim of populating God’s kingdom, reviving of dry bones and healing of the oppressed.

Presently, we have decided to start with Miracle Revival inside churches while open-air crusades will be for next year, 2017. Highlighted below is our template for planning the Miracle Revival:

  1. Crusade/Revival Theme: “Jesus is alive Miracle Crusade/Revival”.


2.Preparation stage: This includes all the necessary plans involved in putting everything in place before the Miracle Revival. It involves the following:
  • Electricity: There should be adequate provision for electricity throughout the Miracle Revival period.
  • Publicity: There should be enough awareness for the people around the vicinity through several publicity methods as applicable to the Country in question. Adequate publicity will allow more people to be well informed about the Miracle Revival apart from just the church members only as one of the benefits to the resident churches is for soul-winning and increase in membership after the Miracle Revival. Sound publicity will also avail the sick, the blind, the lame etc the opportunity to be part of the Miracle Revival for their healing.
  • Sound System: This is also necessary and should be made available for the program.
  • Planning Committee: There is need for two (2) planning committees; one from us and the other from the hosting Country. Their major function is to see to the smooth planning of the Miracle Revival from their respective ends and then give reports and feedbacks to each other.
  • Evangelism Team: For now, our Evangelism team comprises our senior pastor and an accompanying pastor.
  • Timing: We prefer to hold the Miracle Revival on the last Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the Chosen Month of the Year.

3. Arrival: Our evangelism team would arrive the Revival Location at least two (2) days before the program.
4. Lodging of the Evangelism Team: There should be adequate plan for lodging the Evangelism team.

5. Crusade/Revival and Conference Proper: Minister's conference will take place in the morning while the Crusade/Revival will take place in the evening.

In view of the above, we would like to elicit some response from you based on the following questions and other questions of yours with regards to the drafted Template above:

  • What is the seat capacity of the proposed Church auditorium for the Miracle Revival?
  • What is the predominant/workable publicity method (s) for a Miracle Revival in your Country?
  • How feasible is a 3-minute Radio Jingle for some weeks before the Miracle Revival?

    Reply via this medium (info@worldlifebiblechurch.org) or call +2348186076672.
Thank you.





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