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The Design of the World life Bible Church
World Life Bible Church is designed to influence Nigerians and other people of the world in a positive way. The following model is the simplest representation of this experience. In any environment or state we operate in,we take resources(inputs) and transform these resources(transformation process) into the desired form wanted by the environment(outputs).

(a) Inputs: These are the new converts from the environment

(b) Transformation Process: This is the major part in the operation of the church. It is the point at which right machinery of the word of God are used to bring total transformation of people, conduct, behaviour and moral values.

(c) Outputs: Once the people are transformed to something wanted by the environment, they are discipled and sent back into the environment to continue the circle.


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Church Services

(1) Sunday Service ---------------------- 9am-12pm
(2)Wednesday ---------------------------- 6pm-8pm
(3) Ist Saturday of the Month ---------- 9am-10:30am
(4)3rd Friday of the Month -------------- 11pm-3am

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Contact Us

International HeadQuarters
22/24 Yetunde Kuforiji,Amule B/Stop
Ipaja Ayobo ,
P.O.BOX 235, Ipaja, Lagos, Nigeria.
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The Senior Pastor
Prophet Toyin Oluwibe

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